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Company InfoMore than four decades have elapsed since Geco Trading Corporation started pioneering evolution and progress. As a company that deems it fit to manufacture tools for the advancement of mankind, Geco Trading Corporation stands tallest amidst its contemporaries.

From multimillion commercial spin-offs to non-governmental operations, our fuel-saving Diesel Engines, hardworking Pumps, long-lasting Spares and various other Agricultural Machines have propelled the mightiest projects. Our cutting-edge products have encouraged deserts to bloom, streams to flow, lands to brighten up and foster an unimpeded flow of energy. In short Geco Trading Corporation has empowered one and all.

Geco Trading Corporation's products come out from the most technologically advanced manufacturing factory located at Kolhapur in India. This unit is furnished with state-of-the-art technology and know-how. The Corporate office is also located at a very strategic location in Mumbai. Besides the list of products displayed here, we have the capability to manufacture any other spares as per customer requirement.

Initially expanding its frontiers from India to the Middle eastern countries, we now export to destinations in Australia, Far Eastern Countries, Central America, East and South Africa. Armed with a unquenchable desire to succeed, Geco Trading Corporation sees dormant potential lying in the European and North Asian markets that needs to be explored.

Geco Trading Corporation's unparalleled service, work culture and support has been honoured consistently by accolades and certificates. Our most valuable accomplishments though, have been acquiring customer trust, satisfaction and cooperation. This has significantly boosted our will to improve further and come up with more path-breaking products and product ranges.

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