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Philosophy"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."-Isaac Newton.

After much forethought, research and retrospection, Geco Trading Corporation has arrived at this simple philosophy - 'to survive, is to conserve, is to survive'.

It is a sublime-inescapable truth that life on this planet is a complete cycle. For millions of years man has lived in sync with nature, cultivating and harvesting its various bounties. But the sudden spurt of industrial and population growth, as evinced by the inventions in the last few centuries, has left man staring at the imminent - Resources are not inexhaustible.

In order to make them last until the end of his journey man has to conserve them. Inevitably, by driving nature to extinction, man will force his own extinction. Fundamentally speaking, Life and Energy in its purest form can only be utilised. Man cannot propose to create them. To avoid such pitfalls drastic measures are called for.

Geco Trading Corporation has based its business policies in accordance with such beliefs. Professional experts combine their time and efforts in our labs to ensure against glitches and draw backs. Significant attention is paid to smaller details. We can proudly claim that our products are ecologically viable. This is what Geco Trading Corporation is all about. We prefer to trudge on lesser travelled paths. We prefer to explore unknown possibilities. We prefer to aid the highest intentions.

And we welcome you to the new world as imagined by Geco Trading Corporation...we treat every customer as if our world revolves around them...infact it does...

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