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ServicesGeco Trading Corporation expends its services for project procurement in the areas of contract, manufacturing, sourcing and inspection of its products and machinery. We place fundamental emphasis on the quality and performance aspects when executing projects. Which is to say, our services are particularly known in the market as those which provide a high level of satisfaction. The following are a few industries where Geco Trading Corporation has invested its experience.

Reverse engineering: An Analytical approach has contributed to the outstanding results achieved by Geco Trading Corporation in the field of Reverse Engineering. While developing spare parts or equipment's based on clients specifications, each stage of the development process is executed under constant scrutiny of the clients requirements. Beginning from the prototype stage, a strict adherence to the clients drawings and samples would yield a satisfactory outcome. Such commitments to quality compliment our reverse engineering purposes and constantly grant unparalleled performance and reliability.

The Food processing industry: Grinding mills, conveyors, dust collectors, blenders, press, tabletting, feeders, reclaimers, turntable, dosing and storing units comprise our core Food processing industry range. We also design basic crushing and heat up devices. Our manufacturing lines have been upgraded to the latest state-of-the-art technologies, thus, enabling our clients to significantly improve on their previous output capacities and profit gains. Geco Trading Corporation is presently intent on focussing its energies on industries like spice milling, pulse and cereal milling, mineral water plants, paste filing, pasta filling, oil expelling and other small scale food units.

Mining and Mineral Processing Industry: Major buyers of our products such as hammer, pin and ball mills, bucket conveyor and conveyor belt and fittings are concentrated in this particular industry. To form a strong foundation in this industry, such as that will furnish Geco Trading Corporation with a constant flow of demand, we also manufacture hoist, tubes, ropes and other similar consumables.

Technical Plastic Processing Industry: This industry is categorised as having a primary demand for the development of moulds. Geco Trading Corporation has managed to attract good business from this sector wherein we receive contracts for building recycling plants as per clients requirements and machines manufactured to specific plastics.

Contract Packaging Industry: Geco Trading Corporation has managed to make a mark in this industry by supplying and manufacturing avant-garde packaging machines and spares and then followed it by prompt after sales service. Solid and paste producing companies are the players influencing business in this sector.

Detergent, Ink, Pesticide and Paint Industry: A sector having a formidable market for raw material and technicals supply. A new manual liquid filling machine finds its way to most manufacturers in this sector.

Salt Refinery: Again, embracing modern innovations has motivated Geco Trading Corporation to come up with best in-line process machines. Even though a majority of these machines are sourced out, the overall business atmosphere poses a great challenge.

Agriculture Industry: Originally as a manufacturer of pumps and engine spares, Geco Trading Corporation has always had a finger on the pulse of this industry. We have managed to penetrate still deeper by supplying pesticides, agro-seeds, irrigation accessories, diesel engines, grinding mills, threshers, polishers, hullers and tractor ploughs.

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